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Zadiri is an alternate Earth. The Sea is massive. The Land is split into two continents, mostly dominated by desert. The River cuts the Land in two, and is centered by a massive lake. Creatures familiar and unfamiliar thrive in Zadiri. And magic - and danger - reigns there.

Souls of the Sunken

When I was a child, I remember a time when I went to the beach at night with my family. My parents and I walked along the shore until we came across a wrecked shrimp boat. I went up to it, and my parents screamed at me to get away from it. It was just a boat. I never understood why they panicked like that...

Production on Souls of the Sunken lasted for about two weeks in July 2021. The game was made for Haunted PS1 Jam - Summer of Shivers.

Release Date: July 20, 2021

Beyond Lifeline

Beyond Lifeline (promo image)

Explore the ocean with Baiji and Brielle! These curious twin fishgirls love to learn about their underwater home. When they learn about a mysterious creature called Altum somnium, they set out to discover more about it. If they're diligent, maybe they will even find it! If they're lucky, they won't.

Production on Beyond Lifeline lasted for about twenty days in November 2022. The game was made for Thalassaphobia Jam 2022.

Release Date: November 29, 2022

Springtime at Shoreline


You - a 32 year old businesswoman- arrive at Shoreline early one April morning. You have just moved here to recover after a severe mental breakdown. You are used to the hustle and bustle of the big city, so the sudden slow small-town aura of Shoreline is something you will have to get used to. The citizens of Shoreline are happy to show you around, help you find a low-stress job, give you a tour of the bay, buy you a drink or some dinner, and try to find you a best friend. They're a lovely bunch who make you feel right at home. Did I mention everyone is a fish person?

Steam release

Production on Springtime at Shoreline lasted quite sporadically, starting in March 2023 and then going on hold. The Too Early Demo was made for NaNoRenO 2023.

Too Early Demo Release Date: March 25, 2023.

Act One Demo Release Date: Unknown.

Full Game Release Date: Also unknown.

Jetti Moray

~ placeholder

Jetti considers herself of no account. Smaller than most green morays and certainly shyer, she wants nothing more than to be left alone. But fate bestows upon her the Favor of the Storm; a gift given to only a few morays in a few generations, when the Sea is placed at serious risk. That risk has taken the form of a scheming dolphin and his lionfish sidekick, who seek the legendary Storied Steel Shell containing the Corpse of the Nymph: an ominous grave of eons past rumored to give cruel power to whoever looks inside. With the help of an ever-teasing barracuda and a forgetful redfish, Jetti must uncover the past and discover her courage. Can a creature of the shadows bring light to the Sea?

Production on Jetti Moray lasted for a very long time.

Release Date: Heck if I know